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Saturday, November 3, 2012

MOUSEHUNT Gold Saving and Farming Guide for Beginners

By :  Fevih

First of all Cheese Usage is one of the main maintenance cost of all hunters in the world of Gnawnia. at low ranks Cheddar Cheese would be the Handy while hunting Meadow, TOwn of Gnawnia, and Windmill areas. I would strongly suggest to use Cheddar Cheese since you can catch mouse that carries marble in these areas. It is very tempting to buy Stronger Traps but this will slow you down saving for stronger Traps.

Tacky Glue Trap and Wooden Base with Target armed with Cheddar Cheese suits well while Saving for Swiss Army Trap. If your warm enough to pay for premium items then do so because the Shrink Ray Trap helps a lot at early levels.

You will start using Swiss Cheese at the Harbour together with Swiss knife and Explosive Base so that you can Catch Pirate Mouse that carries a satchel of Gold. Only the Pirate in the Harbour Area only give the highest Gold Loot. If you Go to the mountains then try catching the Gold Mouse and Diamond Mouse that carries Simple Orb. This is the most important part of my Guide which is the SimpleOrb Hunt. As of now November 4, 2012 Simple Orb Price at the Marketplace is 3137. Selling your Simple Orb gives you much Gold earnings.

At first it would be hard to catch diamond and Gold mouse but then If you are armed with the NVMRc Trap while using Brie Cheese and Prospectors Charm then encountering GOld and Diamond is like    expecting sun rise early in morning. DOnt worry about the miss because THe simpleOrb are much worth it. That trap set up will give you average of 30 Simple Orbs daily. But if you are hardworking and actively sounds your Horn you can Increase the number of Simple Orb. More SImple Orbs =More Gold.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

MOUSEHunt Guide for Beginners

Guide by Fevih

I came across this Wonderful Game named MouseHunt it was developed by HitGrab  Facebook application. The Rules are Simple Catch Mice roaming around the Kingdom Of Gnawnia. On your First Log You will choose your First Trap Set Up. If you are reading this guide then you must have played the game but needs some source readings.

The HighTension Spring Trap

Tacky Glue Trap

The different between the two is that High Tension spring has higher power but low attraction rate

I would Suggest You would choose the Tacky Glue trap since attracting mice in Gnawnia makes it worthwile  checking every 15 mins. Armed with Cheddar Cheese the Tacky Glue Trap is Very much effective against weaker breeds making you get much more success than hunting strong mice using Marble Cheese. Choosing the High Tension gives you good catches and I would think this is good for those who are not so actively sounding the hunters Horn. If you already Choose The High Tension Then don't be sad because almost all of us made the same mistake.  High Tension Trap best place for you is the Town While The Tacky Glue Trap is best in the Meadows.

The Weaker Breeds of Indigenous Mice gives you a loot drop of  Marble Cheese in Meadow and Town of Gnawnia. I suggest you buy around 200 cheedar cheese and the Wooden Base with target making the Tacky GLue trap + Wooden Base with Target  = 60 percent attraction bonus. With these set up you can Save around a hundred Marble Cheese with just looting it in meadow. If you are ready and have lots of Marble Cheese Then it is time to head to the Windmill and hunt some mouse breed of course you will now switch to Marble Cheese. Bear in mind not to buy stronger traps until you reach 45500 points plus a Gold of   68,895 more or less to buy the 

Swiss Army Mouse Trap

Power : 1200
Power Type: Physical
Power Bonus 2%
Attraction Bonus 2%
Luck 10
Cheese effect : no effect

Dont Go to the Harbour until you have this Trap set Up and Of course use Explosive Base for extra trap Power. Harbour Mice will steal pieces of cheese, points, and Gold. When hunting the harbour hope you get the Whisker Woods Clearing Map Piece from the Granite Mouse.  Save money and YOur next target Trap will be the 

NVMRC ForceField Trap 

Points Required: 91,000
Power : 2350
Power Type: Physical
Power Bonus 12%
Attraction Bonus 10%
Luck 12
Cheese effect : no effect

which is the best trap for the low ranking players. When you are using Swiss Army Mouse trap use Swiss cheese to attract more pirate mouse which gives high gold loot.

Before moving to the Mountains I suggest you hunt first the Calm Clearing to get Splintered Wood and even lucky enough to Catch the Cyclops Mouse that is carrying the Great Gnarled Tree Map (GGT) acquiring the S.Woods give you raw materials to construct the 

Dehydration Base

Power : 225
Power Bonus 0
Attraction Bonus 5%
Luck 4
Cheese effect : Insanely Fresh

Crafting Formula :
1       Dehydration Base Blue Prints for   22330 Gold
213   Salt  Cost 6 gold each
4       Splintered Wood

Total Cost 24208     BluePrint and salt are sold at the Harbour.....  As of now Mountain would be your best Hunting Ground ..

Trap Set up  NVMRC FOrceField Trap and Dehydration Base.

Most Source came from :

Ill be posting my Gold Farming Strategey next Post

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Alternative Treatment Against Scabies for Your Infected Pet Dogs

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Philippine Flood 2012

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It is also called as the monkey eating eagle. Now it is endangered and you can rarely see it flying in the skies. Killing the Philippine eagle is punishable by law and can be put to jail for twelve years.  hunters kill this birds as decoration for their house by preserving its dead body. You can see this bird on the Philippine eagle foundation and at the moment  they house 36 eagles whom 18 is bred in captivity

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Kadayawan Festival Waling Waling

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