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Saturday, November 3, 2012

MOUSEHUNT Gold Saving and Farming Guide for Beginners

By :  Fevih

First of all Cheese Usage is one of the main maintenance cost of all hunters in the world of Gnawnia. at low ranks Cheddar Cheese would be the Handy while hunting Meadow, TOwn of Gnawnia, and Windmill areas. I would strongly suggest to use Cheddar Cheese since you can catch mouse that carries marble in these areas. It is very tempting to buy Stronger Traps but this will slow you down saving for stronger Traps.

Tacky Glue Trap and Wooden Base with Target armed with Cheddar Cheese suits well while Saving for Swiss Army Trap. If your warm enough to pay for premium items then do so because the Shrink Ray Trap helps a lot at early levels.

You will start using Swiss Cheese at the Harbour together with Swiss knife and Explosive Base so that you can Catch Pirate Mouse that carries a satchel of Gold. Only the Pirate in the Harbour Area only give the highest Gold Loot. If you Go to the mountains then try catching the Gold Mouse and Diamond Mouse that carries Simple Orb. This is the most important part of my Guide which is the SimpleOrb Hunt. As of now November 4, 2012 Simple Orb Price at the Marketplace is 3137. Selling your Simple Orb gives you much Gold earnings.

At first it would be hard to catch diamond and Gold mouse but then If you are armed with the NVMRc Trap while using Brie Cheese and Prospectors Charm then encountering GOld and Diamond is like    expecting sun rise early in morning. DOnt worry about the miss because THe simpleOrb are much worth it. That trap set up will give you average of 30 Simple Orbs daily. But if you are hardworking and actively sounds your Horn you can Increase the number of Simple Orb. More SImple Orbs =More Gold.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

MOUSEHunt Guide for Beginners

Guide by Fevih

I came across this Wonderful Game named MouseHunt it was developed by HitGrab  Facebook application. The Rules are Simple Catch Mice roaming around the Kingdom Of Gnawnia. On your First Log You will choose your First Trap Set Up. If you are reading this guide then you must have played the game but needs some source readings.

The HighTension Spring Trap

Tacky Glue Trap

The different between the two is that High Tension spring has higher power but low attraction rate

I would Suggest You would choose the Tacky Glue trap since attracting mice in Gnawnia makes it worthwile  checking every 15 mins. Armed with Cheddar Cheese the Tacky Glue Trap is Very much effective against weaker breeds making you get much more success than hunting strong mice using Marble Cheese. Choosing the High Tension gives you good catches and I would think this is good for those who are not so actively sounding the hunters Horn. If you already Choose The High Tension Then don't be sad because almost all of us made the same mistake.  High Tension Trap best place for you is the Town While The Tacky Glue Trap is best in the Meadows.

The Weaker Breeds of Indigenous Mice gives you a loot drop of  Marble Cheese in Meadow and Town of Gnawnia. I suggest you buy around 200 cheedar cheese and the Wooden Base with target making the Tacky GLue trap + Wooden Base with Target  = 60 percent attraction bonus. With these set up you can Save around a hundred Marble Cheese with just looting it in meadow. If you are ready and have lots of Marble Cheese Then it is time to head to the Windmill and hunt some mouse breed of course you will now switch to Marble Cheese. Bear in mind not to buy stronger traps until you reach 45500 points plus a Gold of   68,895 more or less to buy the 

Swiss Army Mouse Trap

Power : 1200
Power Type: Physical
Power Bonus 2%
Attraction Bonus 2%
Luck 10
Cheese effect : no effect

Dont Go to the Harbour until you have this Trap set Up and Of course use Explosive Base for extra trap Power. Harbour Mice will steal pieces of cheese, points, and Gold. When hunting the harbour hope you get the Whisker Woods Clearing Map Piece from the Granite Mouse.  Save money and YOur next target Trap will be the 

NVMRC ForceField Trap 

Points Required: 91,000
Power : 2350
Power Type: Physical
Power Bonus 12%
Attraction Bonus 10%
Luck 12
Cheese effect : no effect

which is the best trap for the low ranking players. When you are using Swiss Army Mouse trap use Swiss cheese to attract more pirate mouse which gives high gold loot.

Before moving to the Mountains I suggest you hunt first the Calm Clearing to get Splintered Wood and even lucky enough to Catch the Cyclops Mouse that is carrying the Great Gnarled Tree Map (GGT) acquiring the S.Woods give you raw materials to construct the 

Dehydration Base

Power : 225
Power Bonus 0
Attraction Bonus 5%
Luck 4
Cheese effect : Insanely Fresh

Crafting Formula :
1       Dehydration Base Blue Prints for   22330 Gold
213   Salt  Cost 6 gold each
4       Splintered Wood

Total Cost 24208     BluePrint and salt are sold at the Harbour.....  As of now Mountain would be your best Hunting Ground ..

Trap Set up  NVMRC FOrceField Trap and Dehydration Base.

Most Source came from :

Ill be posting my Gold Farming Strategey next Post

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Alternative Treatment Against Scabies for Your Infected Pet Dogs

Have hard time treating your dogs scabies?  Read this article and learn how to treat dog scabies alternably

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Philippine Flood 2012

Some Areas in Luzon are flooded and need your help

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Relax and Unwind

A man riding his floater trying to enjoy a drink while float on flood waters

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Philippine Eagle Symbol of Davao

The Philippine eagle is considered the King of the skies in Mindanao.
It is also called as the monkey eating eagle. Now it is endangered and you can rarely see it flying in the skies. Killing the Philippine eagle is punishable by law and can be put to jail for twelve years.  hunters kill this birds as decoration for their house by preserving its dead body. You can see this bird on the Philippine eagle foundation and at the moment  they house 36 eagles whom 18 is bred in captivity

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Kadayawan Festival Waling Waling

During Kadayawan Festival Flowers like Waling-waling are the best sellers in the flower business industry. The Beauty of this flower captivates your interest.
I used to care two Waling-walings at home.  

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Kadayawan Festival 2012

Local festival celebrated annually.

Kadayawan was derived from the local tribe Mandaya word Madayaw which means beautiful or  good. It is usually used as a warm greeting when encountering visitors.
Kadayawan is now a month long celebration in which the whole Davao City is full of events that will cater to the different needs of tourist that will be visiting. 

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Kadayawan Festival 2012

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Social Services

Social Services

What are social services? Well my answer to that would be social services is the manifestation of social welfare. Social welfare must have services as a form of demonstration and these services refers to programs , and other activities provided by social welfare institutions. Basically it is meeting the needs of the people through certain activities or programs.  
Social services may be in the form of :

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Social Welfare

Social Welfare

Social welfare covers almost everything that men do for the good of our society. According to Gerttrude Wilson he characterized social welfare as an organized concern of all people for all people. Walter Friedlander defines it as “the organized system of social services and institutions, designed to aid individuals and groups to attain satisfying standards of life and health. From Elizabeth Wickenden social welfare  includes those law, programs , benefits and services which assure or strengthen provisions for meeting social needs recognized as basic to the well being of the population and the better functioning of the social order.

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Social Work

Social Work

Social work is a profession which is concerned with man’s adjustment (social functioning) to his physical and social environment. Man plays various roles in the society as Son, father, husband, brother,employee,employer etc . Some people find it hard to cope when he/she faces conflict between their social roles.
Social functioning problems are caused by the following:

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My View of Possible World War Three to Come

My View of Possible World War Three to Come

I was reading some books in the past about capitalist and karl marx topics. Then I realize that world event in the past is the result of a faulty social system that is eating other subsystem. If their would be a world crisis(financial) you will see in the news few months or years after the crisis that their will be war that is going to happen or happening on the other part of the world. To the people watching the news we simply say that the war happened because of their leader and political system. All I can say is that they were simply invaded for the following reasons.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rune Knight
Rune Knight.png
Job Base(s):Knight
Lord Knight
Job Type:3-1
Changes At:Glast Heim
Number of Skills:11
Total Skill Points:75
Total Quest Skills:0
Job Bonuses

Ragnarok Rune Knight Build 
Who told you that knights don't need intelligence stat. Well guess what Rune Knight loves int stat now 

Job Change Guide
Rune Knight.jpg


Dragon Breath Build

  • STR:1
  • AGI:1
  • VIT:100-120
  • INT:100-120
  • DEX:75+
  • LUK:1
One of the more mainstream build for Rune Knights. Good for typically anything - Tanking, Mobbing, MVP, WOE, PvP. This build is centered on Dragon Breath. The key to this build is high vit and int, for the high HP and SP that Dragon Breath relies upon, with decent DEX for faster cast and hit rate with Clashing Spiral. Rune Knights using this build can deal decent physical damage with Enchant Blade thanks to high INT. While this Build is not item intensive, having items that boost MaxHP and MaxSP will differentiate the Great from the Good; 25% more MaxHP and MaxSP from Transcend Character is highly beneficial for this build. As a precautionary statement, be aware that attempting this build can be difficult without support/funding in the first 125 levels, during which time Clashing Spiral is usually the main attack. Having a sufficiently heavy spear for Clashing Spiral is crucial during the difficult leveling phrase.
Disclaimer: Dragon Breath damage depends on MaxSP and CURRENT HP.
Recommended Items:

Spearman Build

  • STR:100-120
  • AGI:1
  • VIT:100-120
  • INT:1+
  • DEX:75+
  • LUK:1
A classic build from Knight/Lord Knight era. Does well in Tanking, Mobbing, MVP and WOE. This is the typical Tank Build, with Phantom Thrust "picking up" strayed monsters or sneaky players targeting the weaker supporting team members. Transcend character is critical for this build to inflicted status damage with Vital StrikeKnight's Spear Boomerang and Lord Knight's Clashing Spiral adds to Rune Knight'sHundred Spears damage as well.
Disclaimer: This Build popularity has given way to the Dragon Breath Build as the latter has more burst damage and mobility; both builds are actually largely similar Skill Tree wise, focusing on Spear and Dragon Skills; key difference will be this build focus on PierceClashing Spiraland Hundred Spears, while the other focus on Dragon Breath. Also, due to this builds lack of INT, skills cannot be cast as frequently.

ASPD/Frenzy Build

  • STR:60+
  • AGI:100-120
  • VIT:1+
  • INT:60+
  • DEX:75+
  • LUK:90+
An ASPD Rune Knight sports high AGI for ASPD, STR for the damage, good DEX and LUK for Hit and Crit/Dodge respectively, aiming for ASPD of 190 and more. This Build also sings in tune with the Lord Knight's Frenzy skill for Transcend Character. For Frenzy Build, 2-Hand Swords need not to be emphasize as Frenzy increases ASPD for all weapon types - and Mace Weapon Type (NO Shield) sports the highest ASPD in Frenzy Mode. This Build is great for MVP-ing. Theme: "Can't Touch Me!" Not recommended for PvP and WOE.

Balanced Build

Base stats:
  • STR:78-97
  • AGI:81-97
  • VIT:89-95
  • INT:90
  • DEX:63-83
  • LUK:30-57
A Balanced Build Rune Knight aims for versatility, capable of taking on various roles and situations. This build is great for those who prefer to solo and wants to utilize everything that Rune Knight has to offer. It's skill tree focuses on 2-handed swords, yet branches off into spears as well for Spear Dynamo and Clashing Spiral (which can be cast with 2Hand-Swords in Renewal).
As such, this build at its peak can:
(1) attain high ASPD with Turisus Runestone + Asir Runestone + Twohand Quicken/Frenzy (Sidenote: Mace has highest ASPD with Frenzy)
(2) Parry + Dragon Howling/Dragon Breath + Pertz Rune AOE Combo and
(3) perform Clashing Spiral one-shot wonders; therefore Transcending is mandatory in order to acquire the Lord Knight's ParryFrenzy andClashing Spiral skills to be most successful in using this build. This build offers a wide variety of options and can be a very fun build to attempt. However, this build calls for great investment item-wise and skill-wise in serious PvP and WOE environment.
Recommended equipment
Skill Tree Pointers:

Class Data


Enchant Blade.pngEnchant Blade
Enchants your weapon with magic, allowing you to deal additional magic damage with your physical attacks..5Supportive
Sonic Wave.pngSonic Wave
Slam your weapon into the ground to unleash a shockwave that strikes an opponent at a distance. Has a range of 11 cells.5Offensive
Death Bound.pngDeath Bound
The damage you receive is amplified and used against the attacker. However, you still receive half of the amplified damage.10Active
Hundred Spears.pngHundred Spears
Spear exclusive skill. A skill that strikes a single target rapidly in quick succession to deal high damage.10Offensive
Wind Cutter.pngWind Cutter
Creates a huge pressure that throws enemies away. There is a chance to inflict Fear status on those affected.5Offensive
Ignition Break.pngIgnition Break
The rune knight makes their weapon incredibly hot, triggering an explosion that deals damage to all targets nearby. Targets closer to the player receive higher damage.5Offensive
Phantom Thrust.pngPhantom Thrust
Spear Exclusive Skill. The rune knight strikes a target from far away, pulling that target towards the user.5Offensive
Dragon Training.pngDragon Training
Allows the user to use a dragon mount. Increasing the skill level recovers your lost attack speed when using the mount, and also slightly increases the damage of Dragon Breath.5Passive
Dragon Breath.pngDragon Breath
Causes the dragon to breath incredibly hot fire, with a chance to cause burning which deals damage over time.10Offensive
Dragon Howling.pngDragon Howling
The dragon lets out a terrible howl, causing Fear status to those within range.5Active
Rune Mastery.pngRune Mastery
Allows the Rune Knight to craft Runes.10Passive

Job Bonuses

Source :

Ragnarok Geneticist Job Change Quest Level Requirements
Follow the steps and you wont get lost
  • Base Level  99 Alchemist or Biochemist
  • Job Level 50 Alchemist
  • Job Level 60 Biochemist
Ragnarok Geneticist Job Change Quest Rewards
  • 1 Midas Whisper
  • 1 Green Apple Ring
  • Job Change to Geneticist
Ragnarok Geneticist Job Change Quest Guide
 The Geneticist Quest mostly all happens in Lighthalzen. Before doing the Genetics Quest,  have a Cart Revolution skill. Also, make sure you have done the Biochemist study course quests for alchemist and biochemist prior on doing this quest, as you won’t be able to do them again. Bring some healing potions and sp potions as you have to battle a mob of Poison Spores in a mini arena.
Ragnarok Geneticist Job Change Quest
1. Start the Genetics Job Change Quest in the Alchemist Guild in Al de Baran. Go inside and speak with the Alchemist Union Member(alde_alche 35,185) on the first floor. Choose Meet a Geneticist and he will direct you to Lighthalzen.
2.  Board the Juno airship and head over to the Geneticist Guild  (lighthalzen 54 132) in Lighthalzen and speak with Devries (job3_gen01 25,58) inside. Tell him you are also from Rune Midgarts. Suddenly, you are interrupted with noise upstairs and he will be stressed out. The only thing you can do to calm him down is to bring him some cookies
3. Head upstairs and on the northern part of the room, click on the Delivery Box (job3_gen01 81,72) and choose Open the box and Take a cookie.
4. Go back downstairs and hand Devries a cookie and tell him you want to be a geneticist. Talk to him until he asks you to conduct experiments on plants.
5. Click on the cabinet and read the Plant guide. It’s a short read and it would be nice to read them all but you only need to read the Plant option.
6. Acquire all the plants on the first floor as an ingredient.
1.  Bigibigigrass (job3_gen01 36 55)
2. Muka Tree (job3_gen01 36 45)
3. Boga Vine (job3_gen01 42 55)
4. Aolatura (job3_gen01 30 58)
5. Congra (job3_gen01 30 63)
6. Sticky Grass (job3_gen01 32 38)
7. Head over to the Testing Table to conduct an experiment. The following are the correct choices but they show up in random and may appear repeatedly. Choose whatever seed type and you shall receive a Seed for Experiment. The seed may be a good seed or a bad seed.
1. Crush
2. Heat
3. Put it into a Testing Flask and Shake
4. Dip in distilled Water
5. Inject it into a Testing Seed
A picture of a bad seed. If you get a bad seed, you still need to speak with Devries
A picture of a good seed.
8. Give the seed to Devries and he will experiment on it. If you fail, you have to repeat from step 6. If you succeed, he will recommend you to the Alchemist Union Member but it will take some time so he’ll ask you to meet Demi Calberine instead.
9.  Upstairs, talk to Demi Calberine (job3_gen01 91,48). She seeks your help of finding some parts for the ordered mini canon that needs to be delivered that day. She needs 10 of them
10. Click on any of the Scattered Parts all over the second floor until you get 10 parts. There are 6 locations of the scattered parts, all in the second floor. When you get 10 of them (it will not appear on the inventory) you’ll get the message I think i’ve gathered all the parts.
Design in front of Demi
Barrel near the desk
Table below Demi
Wagon near the stairs
Canon near the stairs
Books at the southern part of the second floor
11. Give the parts to Demi Calberine and she will show you a good training spot for the mini canon (Cart Revolution). She will then warp you with the Poison spores cage on the first floor.
12. Kill 100 Poison Spores. If you die or exit the pen, you can talk with Demi Calberine again to enter the cage. It is not necessary to use the Cart Revolution skill.
13. Once you killed 100 poison spores, click on the warning sign (job3_gen01 18 39) to exit the cage.
14. Remove your cart as you are about done in the Genetics Job Change Quest. Speak with Devries until a response from the Alchemist Union Member has arrived. After reading the letter, he will change you into a Ragnarok Geneticist. Congratulations! You get 1 Midas Whisper which you can wear if you turn base level 100 and a Green Apple Ring


source :