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Saturday, November 3, 2012

MOUSEHUNT Gold Saving and Farming Guide for Beginners

By :  Fevih

First of all Cheese Usage is one of the main maintenance cost of all hunters in the world of Gnawnia. at low ranks Cheddar Cheese would be the Handy while hunting Meadow, TOwn of Gnawnia, and Windmill areas. I would strongly suggest to use Cheddar Cheese since you can catch mouse that carries marble in these areas. It is very tempting to buy Stronger Traps but this will slow you down saving for stronger Traps.

Tacky Glue Trap and Wooden Base with Target armed with Cheddar Cheese suits well while Saving for Swiss Army Trap. If your warm enough to pay for premium items then do so because the Shrink Ray Trap helps a lot at early levels.

You will start using Swiss Cheese at the Harbour together with Swiss knife and Explosive Base so that you can Catch Pirate Mouse that carries a satchel of Gold. Only the Pirate in the Harbour Area only give the highest Gold Loot. If you Go to the mountains then try catching the Gold Mouse and Diamond Mouse that carries Simple Orb. This is the most important part of my Guide which is the SimpleOrb Hunt. As of now November 4, 2012 Simple Orb Price at the Marketplace is 3137. Selling your Simple Orb gives you much Gold earnings.

At first it would be hard to catch diamond and Gold mouse but then If you are armed with the NVMRc Trap while using Brie Cheese and Prospectors Charm then encountering GOld and Diamond is like    expecting sun rise early in morning. DOnt worry about the miss because THe simpleOrb are much worth it. That trap set up will give you average of 30 Simple Orbs daily. But if you are hardworking and actively sounds your Horn you can Increase the number of Simple Orb. More SImple Orbs =More Gold.

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