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Friday, June 15, 2012


Get-Rich-Quick RO Zeny Making Guide

all copyrights goes to Guiderz Online Co
Written by Guiderz   - Last Edited: May 04-2010

1.0 Introduction

Let me start off by saying, in Ragnarok Online you CANNOT just "get rich quick" (unless you get lucky and find some rare cards - see '7.0 Easy Zeny from Cards'). Making tons of zeny in Ragnarok Online takes a lot of time and a lot of effort. However, in this Ragnarok Online zeny making guide I will give you some tips and show you how to make zeny when you start off with nothing. I will also show you how the pros get all that zeny that you (before you stumbled upon this guide) only dreamed of getting. 

Your first and most important tip: MAKE A MERCHANT
There is no way you can become an RO millionaire without a merchant.

2.0 Novice Zeny Making Tips

I just stared out as a novice. Tell me how to make millions of zennies!!You can't get millions of zeny yet. You need to start of slow. It's mushroom hunting time!

This method is best if you have some way of vending the items you get, because leaving up a chat may prove to take a while (but if you sell for well under market price you will probably get a buyer)

There are several areas with a bunch of mushrooms.

1: Just outside Alberta, near the middle of the map are some ruins with some red mushrooms.

2:Outside of Alberta, and one screen down is a map full of wormtails. Inthe bottom right of this map is a group of red mushrooms.

3: Two maps left of Alberta is a map with Wolves. At the top and slightly to the left of that map are some ruins with red mushrooms.

Spend an hour in one of these places and collect up all the:

Poison Spores: Needed to alchemy, quests, etc (hard to sell)
Mushroom Spores: Needed for quests (hard to sell)
Alcohol - 10k~ each
Karvodailnirol - Needed for Deadly poison/Dye making - 30k~ each
Red Bloods - popular for endows/arrows, 2k~ each
Dew Laden Moss - Spore Tame, 5k~ each

3.0 Top 10 Zeny Making Tips

1. Forger
If your Ragnarok server is just starting out, one of the best character to do is a forger. Usually, forgers are the billionaires in the world of Ragnarok. Elemental weapons are in demand when the server is new or during modified experience weeks. They sold like hotcakes. I earned my first hundred million from my pure forger. There was a modified experience rate that time in my server and I had to forge every morning and evening just to meet the demand of the customers. Forging is only good at the beginning because the demand for these weapons depreciates as the server gets older. Besides, there are elemental coverters which are better alternative for elemental weapons.

What you need:
-Blacksmith Pure Forger (at least level 85 dex-luck build)
-Priest to buffs you whenever you are forging.

-Gathering elemental ingredients is a daunty task to do
-Steels are expensive
-Competion from top 10 blacksmiths

2. Elemental Converters
These converters can only be made by sages and professors. You just need a blank scroll and the usual loots (Snail Shell, Horn, Rainbow Shell and Scorpion Tail). It needs 3 of each of these items to create a converter. Vend this before WoE time and *ka-ching* it will generate you lots of zeny. I suggest you buy these ingredients rather than hunt them because it will lead you to nowhere. You won’t be able to level up and you’ll just be bored. There are only a few of professors and sages characters, chances are, you are going to sell these converters like hotcakes. It's best to have a merchant character (merchant/blacksmith/alchemist/whitesmith/creator) as an alt though so you can sell them through a shop, otherwise it may take you a long time to sell them - and then you're not really getting rich quick.

3. The art of buy and sell 
The art of buy and sell isn’t as easy as you think it is. You must be aware of the latest prices in the market, what items are most in demand and easier to sell. A lot of my friends in Ragnarok dressed their characters with good equips with buy and sell. You scout for sale or rush items in Prontera then sell and vend it afterwards for much higher price. But be careful of scams in buy and sell. Someone would buy an item for a high price and then his accomplice would sell that item for a low price. Don’t be fooled by this. Choose items well that you think you could generate you more income.

4. OC and DC
Like in forging, when the server is just starting out, chances are not all players have made an Overcharge/Discount merchant character (obviously they havn't read this guide). Take advantage of this. Park your own OC/DC merch in tool shop sand offer discounts on NPC items. For example, park your merchant inthe Prontera tool shop and offer discounts to players who plan to buy items from the tool dealer. The players would prefer to buy from you because your price is much lower. If you want to succeed, be honest! For this technique, you should open a chat room offering to sell any item from the NPC for a, say, 15-20% discount. When a player enters your chat and tells you what item they want, you buy it with your OC/DC merchant and sell it to them for slightly more than what you payed.

5. Reds and Fly Wings
Though you’ll get little income from these, a zeny is still worth something . Everyone needs potions and flywings to survive while leveling. Position your shop near the respawn area, make your price reasonable and players would buy from you.

6. Top 10 Blackmith
It doen’t matter if you are the number one blacksmith as long as you are in the list. Being in the top 10 makes your elemental weapons more desirable because your weapons has +5 ATK advantage over those who are not in the list. Making it in the top 10 may cost you and the return of your investment is not guaranteed.

7. Pure Brewer
If we have pure forgers as one of the tricks to getting rich in Ragnarok, the list wouldn’t be complete without the pure brewers. If you’ll ask me what is more profitable between the two, it depends upon the server you are residing. If the price of alchemist bottles in your server is high, chances are you will generate more income from your brewer. Besides, making a brewer is more of a long term investment. As long as there are still biochemist and alchemist on your server, your goods will always sell. These also sells easily during or before siege time (WoE) and modified experience weeks. Another benefit for brewers is they can get a homunculus to earn them zeny (after they have completed the Bioethics quest). Leaving a homunculus in any Hyda pit (more on Hydra pits later), by some mushrooms, or anywhere really, is a great way to farm rares and semi-rares.

8. Top 10 Brewer
Being in the top 10 brewer is only necessary if you want to focus more in selling your white slim potions. If you belong to the top 10, your potions are 50% more effective. This is avery high maintenance trick, you have to continuously brew white slim potions or else you’ll drop out of the list. Again, don’t do these if you have no plans concentrating on selling white slim potions

9. Hunt
If you can’t buy them, hunt them. If you want your own Angel Wing, why don’t you hunt Angeling by yourself. Who knows, it might even drop a card. This might be risky but it would be fun and fulfilling. Having an Angel Wing through hunting is something you should be proud of.

Gather all the loots that you can get, overcharge (the skill) them with your merchant and you will (eventually) earn millions from this. This is one of the best tips, and should probably be first - not last. Too many people just leave their loots on the ground when they are grinding, which is a huge loss for them. All those small loots addup. Lucky for you, you can pick up other people's loots they don't want and sell them to the NPC. Most servers have a couple of maps that always have a large amount of players grinding in them that do not bother to pick up their loots. These maps are a goldmine for you! You do not even need to kill anything on these maps, just run around picking up loots. A good place to gather items is usually the alde_dun02 where High Orcs are.


I can not stress enough the importance of having a merchant. With level 10 Discount, Overcharge and Vending, this will be the main factor of all your zeny making. YOU NEED A MERCHANT. You’ve got 5 character slots, make use of them! 

If you need a guide for making a merchant and want to take the path of the Creator, check out our Acid Demo creator guide or the Battle Demo creator guide

If you need to buy something from an NPC, let your merchant discount it. If you're going to sell something to an NPC, let your merchant overcharge it. It’s as simple as that. Put your loot in storage and let the merchant act as your money holder. Note: Using storage DOES cost money, so don’t feel obliged to put in those 10 Sticky Mucus you just got in storage right away, wait until you're on the verge of being overweight before unloading your loot. The same goes with your Merchant, take out the loot when your storage is overflowing with items. Be patient with this, every little bit counts.

If you have a fair bit of zeny to deal with, you may find it of use to stock up (or bulk buy) discounted Awakening Potions, Fly Wings, Yggdrasil Leaves, and Blue Gemstones and just leave them in storage for easy access when your other characters needs them. No Merchant sells fully discounted items, and this way you’ll be saving each time.

At at a higher level, if you wish to keep a small amount of zeny on each character for those buying emergencies, and don’t want to give all your loot to your merchant to overcharge, a process I’ve adapted is to only hoard items that sell to an NPC for over 200z for your merchant, such as Zargons, Manacles and Mud Lumps, and anything that sells for less, sell to an NPC to give your character that extra bit of cash.

Using your Merchant, DC Tool Shop items such as Potions, ASPD Potions, Yggdrasil Leaves, Fly Wings, Butterfly Wings, Blue Gemstones, Traps and Arrows. Then sell them at fair prices in places they are ingreat need, for instance: 

Red pots, Orange pots, fly wings, butterfly wings, silver arrows - Sell them just outside the caves in Archer Village, Payon. These will sell out fast, low level characters are in high need of the pots, and higher level characters are too lazy to walk the 4 levels of Payon caves toget where they want to be. Aldo the majority of the monsters here will be weak to silver arrows so they are in great need.

Ygg Leaves, blue gems, white pots, fly wings, bwings, firearrows, traps - These sell very well outside of the clock tower in Al De Baran, outside of the north of GH, or in the centre of the cross in GH churchyard. Fly wings sell out like hotcakes outside the clocktower, as most wizards/sages/mages have to equip a phen and heal accessory, rather than a teleport belt. Fly wings are useful for them as it saves them from switching accessories all the time, and they are also much quicker to use as a hotkey to escape those near death situations.Hunters always need traps and fire arrows outside of CT, and bwings are generally in a lot of need for low leveled characters who portal hopped to GH and don’t want to die to get back.

Concs, awakes and orange pots - These are in high demand at the entrance to level 2 of Toy Factory for all those thiefs, rogues, battle acos, etc who want some fast exp from myst cases.

Silver arrows, concs, awakes, assorted pots – In great need at the orc dungeon. Silver arrows do more damage to zenorcs and the undead in the dungeons there. But I would not recommend vending outside the dungeon as I can almost guarantee you will die. (And when you die, your shop closes)

Where to get fire & silver arrows: Fire arrows can be purchased on the sunken ship island tool dealer, and silvers can be purchased at archer village tool dealer.

Tip for vending: Check your opponent's prices. If you are the cheapest vender in the area, even if it’s only by 1z, people will buy from you instead.

4.1 Your Shop and You

Your shop name might not seem very important, but it is a keyfactor on how successful you are. The general idea is if you are selling something in high demand, list what it is. If you’re selling pots, have a shop name of "POTS". If your selling awakes DO NOT have your shop name as "LOOK HERE PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ". Remember those novices who come up and beg, "zeny plz, tank plz, warp plz"? Remember how much you HATE beggars? Well your customers hate beggars too, so DONT BEG WITH YOUR SHOP NAME.

Now, if you have too much of an assortment of items, and they all wont fit in your shop name, use something that will grab the attention of possible buyers. I do NOT mean have "QUITTING SALE" because frankly, we've all learnt to ignore these things. Use a name people can relate to, or maybe find funny, it makes them feel obliged to have a look at what's inside. For example: On my merchant, I'm generally selling a lot of assorted junk. So what shop name do I use? "SEX!"... Sex really does sell, and I've gotten many messages from people saying how my shop name grabbed their attention, and even other people have started to copy me :P

Vending Etiquette: Place your merchant in a place where people can easily find you, but do not block off other merchants, or let them block you off. If the vending area is too crowded your shop name could be smothered by other people’s shops and no one will ever find you in the mess.

5.0 Blue Herbs

This method is best used by a Thief class character. It’s quite simple, find a Blue Plant, steal from it, and then kill it. Get all the Blue Herbs, Grapes, Shoots, Stems and anything else they drop. Turn the Blue Herbs into Blue Potions in Alberta (or make with an Alchemist) andthey sell for up to 6k each. Grapes turn into Grape Juice, Stems are used to make Alcohol by Alchemists, and Shoots can be sold for300-500z, as it is food for pet Deviruchis.

The best place to find lots of Blue Plants is in the centre of the map one west from Rockers in Prontera. (From Prontera, go south, west, and west) Under a tree surrounded by water spawns 4 plants. This place is highly camped by other Blue Herb hunters, so be fair, offer to make a deal about sharing the plants, or you can try other places.

The other best place to find Blue Plants, is at the Yggdrasil Treemap before Niffleheim. To get there from Umbala, head to the top exit, then fwing/teleport/fight your way through to the centre portal on the next two maps. This map has all plants, including many Shining Plants,but you can NOT memo here, or even relog here. You will be sent back to your save point.This location is the most popular for herb hunters.

6.0 Top Zeny Making Areas

Payon dungeon level 3: Hydra pit
On this map are Bonguns, Munaks, Skeleton Archers, Hydras and one ninetails.Just a bit north of the center of this map is a pool of water that spawns a mob of hydras. Use a wizard, hunter or some other character with an area attack to kill these off easily. Bonguns and Munaks will easily fall to a firewall, but Ninetails might be a problem, so justfly wing away if you can't handle it. The mass killing of hydras will increase your chance of getting a hydra card, as well as the off chance of getting, munak/bongun hats, apple of archer or an OBB from monsters that come to pester you during your hydra killing fest.
All of these are worth a lot of zeny.

Another hydra pit is located on Amatsu field. This place is ideal for agi characters as the kaphas are great job exp. Knights can bowling bash the hydras while gaining exp from kaphas and other monsters. This map is also full of loot, including cyfars.

Pyramids: Levels 3,4,5,6 
Ideal for agi class, monks, sins, knights, rogues. Ice weapons are your friend here. Minos, mummies and verits. Each card is worth over a mill and in great demand. Ideal for people wanting to level their characters from 70+. Immortal hearts dropped by verits are also a battle alchemist's best friend, as they are used to make acid bottles. Stock up on them and sell them for more than you would get from an npc.

Mjolnir_05: Argiopes!
This is best for mages, as they'll be gaining a LOT of exp while having a wide variety of rares to pick from., mantis card,argiope card, flora card, and an unlimited supply of rough eluniums. Bug legs and maneater blossoms are needed for knight job change quests so you'll fetch a nice price for them if vended in the right spot. Maneater Blossoms are also needed by Alchemists to make plant bottles and usually sell for 300-750z each.

Orc Dungeon Level 2: Zenorcs 
Basically any class can do well here. Exp is great for 60+ people to get to 70. Not too many rares here, but theres so much loot that you'll make up for the lack of rares with basic overcharge goods. Battlesmiths have the advantage as they can put their loot in their carts, where others will find themselves getting overweight very quickly. Other than the basic loot, theres still some good rares out there: Zenorc card, orc skeleton card, drainliar card, rough eluniumand oridecon, emperiums, orc helms, and smaller goodies such as sardoynx, shining stones (petite tame) and old magic books (for baphojr. tame)

Glast Heim Chivalry
GH Chivalry is only recommended for those who can handle it. Parties do best here at most, but its worth it. Rayric cards, s.chainmail, pure eluniums, khalitz cards, small ribbons, crystalpumps, bone helms, mirror sheilds, iron cain, arbalest bows, s.fullplate, s.sheilds, s.helms, pole axe the list goes on...

Rachel Sanctuary
Rachel Sanctuary is by far the best area for getting zeny quickly. To get to this area you must complete the Rachel Sanctuary Quest. It is definetly worth it though! The monsters here have a high chanceto drop Bloody Rune (sell for 1000z to NPC) and White Mask (sell for 530z to NPC). You can also find: High Quality Sandals [1], Rings[0], Berets, Boots[1], and Shadow Walk. And on top of all that, every card you will find here you can sell for millions! And thats all on top of the amazing exp you will get.

Biolabs 03
You will need a VERY good party to fight here, but the drops are most definetly worth it! This is the best spot for making money, as long as you are not using too many potions. You can get: s.tights, OBBs, s.thief clothes, poison bottles,, s.lord's clothes, s.guards, s.mufflers, s.helms, s.full plates... and a lot of good cards.

7.0 Easy Zeny From Cards

There are some cards that are worth quite a lot that can drop fromweak mobs. Anyone can hunt these cards, no matter what class you are.The following are some of those cards (the prices are rough estimates,actual prices very from server to server):

Thara Frog Card: Worth over 2mil
Hydra Card: Worth over 2mil
Soldier Skeleton Card: Worth over 2mil
Archer Skeleton Card: Worth over 700k
Siroma Card: Unsure. Could be worth anywhere from 400k-over 2mil
Santa Poring Card: Worth over 600k
Pupa Card: Worth over 500k
Roda Frog Card: Worth over 300k
Elder Willow Card: Worth over 80k
Kukre Card: Worth over 50k
Skeleton Card: Worth over 50k
Familiar Card: Worth over 50k

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